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ERIC - Education and Resource for improving childhood continence - Helpline 0845 370 8008
ERIC - Education and Resource for improving childhood continence - Helpline 0845 370 8008

Calls to the helpline will cost 9.6p per minute plus the service provider charge.

How we help

ERIC is the only UK charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and young people with continence problems.

For many of the children and families who suffer with these issues, ERIC is the only place where they can come to for support, understanding and to access the information they need. We also work hard to improve services for children with continence needs in health and education settings, and to drive up standards of training through our acclaimed seminars for professionals.

 Follow this link to read some of the stories of children and families that we have helped.

Talk to an expert


The ERIC helpline service provides lifeline support for children, parents and professionals who deal with childhood continence issues. Every year, the team respond to thousands of calls about problems such as potty training, bedwetting, daytime wetting, constipation and soiling.

You can call the helpline on 0845 370 8008 from Monday to Thursday (10.00 am - 2.00 pm) to speak to one of our Helpline & Information Specialists. Alternatively you can email the helpline team at helpline@eric.org.uk

Calls to our helpline cost 9.6 pence per minute plus the phone company's access charge.

Calls are recorded for safeguarding and training purposes. 

Educational resources 


We develop a wide range of resources and leaflets to support children with continence issues, parents and professionals. All of our resources have been reviewed by our Professional Advisory Committee Ė so you can be confident that you are receiving trusted, accurate and clinically sound information. View our library of resources and leaflets.



 Online shop


The ERIC shop is run as a service, to help children with continence problems and their families to manage or resolve wetting and soiling problems. While these issues canít always be cured, having access to the right products can make life a lot easier, whether at home, at school or on trips away. Our products include protective bedding and underwear, bedwetting alarms and watches, potty training aids, plus a range of books and resources Take a look at our shop pages for more details.



ERIC campaigns to improve the lives of children and young people with bladder and bowel problems. We believe every child has the right to become continent, wherever thatís physically possible. Yet many of the almost 1 million children with ongoing bladder and bowel problems are not receiving the support they need. Find out more about our work to improve standards of care in health and education settings.

ERIC Nurse project

We have employed the first ever ERIC Nurse, Brenda Cheer, to run a pilot project in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire area. The project is funded for three years by the Department of Health, based in Bristol with North Bristol Trust and led by ERIC. It aims to deliver better continence care to children and their families by mapping existing services, working with these services to improve recognition of continence problems, and promoting early intervention and self-help measures.

Training on continence issues

ERIC runs an acclaimed series of training seminars on the management of childhood continence issues for healthcare professionals. We are also able to develop bespoke courses for other groups, such as staff in care settings, school staff and parent support groups. Visit our training pages for further information. 

Online communities

ERICís online communities provide spaces for children, young people and families to share their experiences of childhood continence problems, join the debate on issues that affect their daily lives, and tell ERIC how we can continue improving our support for children. Visit our online Message Boards, our Health Unlocked community and ERICís Facebook page.