ERIC - Education and Resource for improving childhood continence - Helpline 0845 370 8008
ERIC - Education and Resource for improving childhood continence - Helpline 0845 370 8008

Calls to the helpline will cost 9.6p per minute plus the service provider charge.

SPECIAL NEEDS - products, books and useful resources

 ERIC is the UK's only charity helping children & families tackle continence problems. All purchases help us to continue to offer that much needed help and support. Thank you

ABENA - Abri-Form Junior. Disposable nappies for the older child and teenagers (click to view 1 products)


ABENA - Abri-Form Junior XS2 32 Pack

Bedding Protection (click to view 4 products)

Duvet Protection

Mattress Protection


Brolly Sheet - Available in Single, Double & Kingsize.


Permalux Community Mattress


Permalux Fitted Mattress Protector

Pillow Protection


Permalux Pillow fibre filled

Bedwetting alarms (click to view 2 products)


Malem M012 Wireless Alarm


Malem M07EC Wireless Alarm

Bladder Stimulators (click to view 1 products)


Malem Bladder Stimulator

Books & Useful Resources (click to view 5 products)


Unwanted Baggage - A Resource Guide for Ostomy Patients and those who share their lives.

Books for Adults


Effective Management of Bladder and Bowel Problems in Children by Mandy Wells and Liz Bonner


How to Potty Train - Judith Hough & Diane Titterton


Ready Set Potty: Toilet Training for Children with Autism and Other Developmental Disorders by Brenda Batts


Stool Withholding: What To Do When Your Child Won't Poo!

KayCey Bodysuits (click to view 3 products)


KayCey Bodysuits Short Sleeve


KayCey Bodysuits Sleevless with Tummy Access


KayCey Sleeveless Supersoft Bodysuits

Out & About (click to view 2 products)

Out & About


Brolly Sheet Quilted Sleeping Bag Liner.


Brolly Sheets Simple Sleeping Bag Liner

Swimwear (click to view 6 products)



Kes-Vir Boys Wrap Swim Shorts



HiLINE Swimsuit Blue Bubble- confidence, security & peace of mind


HiLINE Swimsuit Daisy Print & Pink & White Polka Dot- confidence, security & peace of mind


Kes-Vir Girl's Wrap Swimsuit


Kes-Vir Girls Halter Neck Swimsuit - PINK


Kesvir Halterneck Leg Frill Swimsuit

Vibrating Watches (click to view 1 products)

Vibrating Watches


Malem Vibrating Watch - Suitable for the older child or young adult.