ERIC - Education and Resource for improving childhood continence - Helpline 0845 370 8008
ERIC - Education and Resource for improving childhood continence - Helpline 0845 370 8008

Calls to the helpline will cost 9.6p per minute plus the service provider charge.

Malem Vibrating Watch - Suitable for the older child or young adult.

Digital multi-function watch with 12 independent specific time silent vibrating alarms to provide discreet prompts for toileting programmes. Available in black, pink or blue.
The multipurpose watch can be used for timed voiding & bladder emptying vibrating reminders, vibrating medication reminders and assists behavioural modification programmes
The size of this watch makes it more suitable for the older child or young adult. 
Age Female


4-8 years

1000 - 1400 ml

1000 - 1400 ml

9-13 years

1200 – 2100 ml

1400 – 2300 ml

14 -18 years

1400 – 2500 ml

2100 – 3200 ml

NICE clinical guideline 111


"A bladder training programme should be supported by a health professional. A good daily fluid intake will be encouraged. A toilet routine beginning with visiting the toilet once an hour and increasing this by 10 minutes at a time when there has been no daytime wetting for a few days. This will be continued until the child uses the toilet 6 times a day, (for example when getting up from bed, mid morning, lunch time, mid afternoon, teatime and bed time). A reminder watch can be useful to help children independently manage a bladder training routine



 One year warranty covers watch functions only. Strap, batteries, case & crystals are not covered as these items are subject to wear and tear of daily use.


Malem Vibrating Watch Light Blue
£69.00 inc vat

What our customers say

The Vibrating Watch is a great product, I wish I knew about it before. I found it a little tricky to set up at first but eventually got the hang of it.

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